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February 14, 2021
Singing Valentines

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Rehearsal Note
The Statesmen are rehearsing virtually each Thursday. Guests are welcome. See calendar for more information.

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The Statesmen Chorus is funded in part by grants
from the city of Houston through the

and the

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The Statesmen Chorus, the Spring, TX Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, is an all male a cappella 4-part harmony chorus with an extensive repertoire, including contemporary, Broadway, gospel, folk, and light jazz music. As well, we maintain a continuing commitment to preserving and singing in the barbershop harmony style and are a tax exempt 501-c3 organization. | Click Here to Hear the Statesmen Chorus |

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2019 Barbershopper of the Year

The Statesmen Chorus is proud to name Allen Wallace as our 2019 Barbershopper of the Year (BOTY). Allen is an eight year member of both the Statesmen and the Barbershop Harmony Society and a five year member of the Houston Tidelanders. Allen has served proudly on our Board of Directors, most recently as our Membership VP and also served on our music team. Allen contributes in countless ways to the betterment of the chorus. To name a few, he arrives early to set up, reaches out to fellow members and selectively shares his thoughts and recommendations in a way that, when Allen speaks, we listen. The Statesmen chorus is blessed to have Allen as one of our members and, we are proud he is our 2019 BOTY. Please congratulation Allen if you have not already done so.

Chorus of Quartets

Exciting news!! YOU are invited to join the Statesmen Chorus on Thursday, January 9th, at our first rehearsal of the new decade as we begin our new journey as a chorus of QUARTETS!

Each rehearsal will feature quartet mixing and matching on a variety of songs concluding with a combination of all singers into the wonderful expanded sound of a larger group. If you have experienced a quartet, either singing in one or listening to the wonderful harmonies they share, come join the fun and experience Quarteting in person! There is simply nothing else like it!

Men, Come one, come all! We hope to see you there on January 9th. Start the new year with a song!

Here’s a free and easy way you can support the chorus financially Clear Dot Here’s a free and easy way you can support the chorus financially. Simply link your Kroger Plus Card ( if you don’t have one, apply for one now ) and/or your Randall’s Card to The Statesmen Chorus. We will receive from the stores a percentage of your purchases each and every time you shop there. Note, even though you have signed up in the past, you MUST renew your Kroger Plus link as their new program begins July 1 and you must take the letter to a Kroger cashier and have it scanned to link your card to the Chorus.

It’s simple, download your application using the following links:


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