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Thanks for taking time to "check us out!" We are always interested in bringing new members into our ranks and we heartily encourage you to visit our rehearsals to learn what our chorus is all about and experience the magic of blending your vocal skills with the talented and dedicated singers who are the Statesmen.

On behalf of more than 35,000 "four-part" 'a cappella' singers throughout the world, we welcome you to our weekly Chapter meetings and Chorus rehearsals. Whether this is your first experience with the incredible sound of "close harmony" or you are a Brother in Harmony from one of our 800+ other chapters, we'll do our best to help you have a great time. You probably have a few questions about our organization. Good, we have answers which will make your visit even more pleasant and meaningful. For example:

What can I expect to gain from membership?

  • The benefits of being a "Statesman" are far too numerous to list, but, here are a few of our
    favorites. As an active member, you will
  • Enjoy the Fellowship of 35,000 other men of good harmony
    • in our Chapter
    • in our 5 - State District, and
    • in our International Society.
  • Have many opportunities to Learn and to Perform:
    • Weekly Chorus Rehearsals
    • Special Chorus Retreats and Coaching Sessions
    • Barbershop Harmony Society Workshops; Retreats and Coaching Sessions.
    • Statesmen Shows and sing-outs
    • Singing Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries
    • BHS contests and conventions
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills by:
    • Serving on Operating Committees
      Serving on the Music Team
    • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Earn the Pride and Respect of being a Statesman.

How do I become a member of the Statesmen?

First Visit — The guest receives this booklet and other literature. He is given a temporary voice placement and assigned a “Mentor” to sing with. He is given a guest book and invited to sing with us.

Second Visit — The Membership VP asks whether the guest is interested in membership. and if so, he is given a Prospective Member Packet which includes sheet music and a CD with learning tracks for the sheet music along with information on how to use them.

Third Visit — The prospective member arranges for an audition with the Music Director for the prospective member’s fourth, fifth, or sixth visit.

Audition — Upon successful completion of the audition, the prospective member is given a membership application and a chorus music book.

Next Meeting — After the prospective member passes the audition, the music committee makes a recommendation to the board and the board votes on membership and presents the prospective member to the chorus for final acceptance.

Throughout this entire process, the prospective member is given the opportunity to prepare for his audition by singing his audition song with the chorus, a quartet or just a group of fellow singers.

What are the ground rules for being a member of The Statesmen Chorus?


  1. Entry into the chorus will be by firm and fair vocal audition, presentation audition, interview, signed performance agreement (commitment contract) and membership approval.
  2. Each member will actively participate in the operation of the chorus and its related activities in addition to singing.
  3. Every man must make an honest commitment to abide by and monitor the Mission, Vision and Ground Rules of The Statesmen Chorus.
  4. Each member is responsible for learning 100% of the words, notes and presentation to the music on his own time.
  5. Regular attendance (75% of rehearsals for 75% of the rehearsal time) is required to remain an active chorus member. Other attendance requirements may be established for special events (e.g., contest or show preparation). If not met and the chorus position is lost, readmission into the chorus will be by an audition set up with the Music Leadership Team.
  6. A courtesy call to your "Unit" (Section or VLQ) leader if you cannot be at rehearsal.
  7. All members performing with the chorus will be performance ready to current standards.
  8. Each member will arrive at each singing event, whether performance or rehearsal, on time, warmed up and ready to sing.
  9. A time commitment in addition to regular rehearsal is expected. A reasonable expectation is 8 to 10 hours per month.
  10. Quartets representing this chorus will audition for the Music Leadership Team before performing publicly.
  11. Membership retention and expansion will be every man's responsibility.


  1. High quality sheet music and learning tracks or CDs will be provided for each new song.
  2. Training will be provided, on a regular basis, to give every member the opportunity to continuously improve his skills.
  3. Quality coaches will be provided on a regular basis.
  4. A specific "complaint" or concern procedure is established. Under no conditions will these be expressed or addressed during regular chorus rehearsal time.
  5. Mutual respect and a positive attitude are displayed by all members at all times.
  6. Quartet singing will be actively promoted and encouraged.
  7. Expect positive confrontations when the Ground Rules, Mission, Vision and Statement of Philosophy are not being upheld.
  8. Positive dialogue and suggestions are encouraged within the membership and our supporters to preserve and continuously improve our quality.
  9. The chorus leadership team will provide the resources necessary to achieve the chorus mission and vision.
  10. The chorus leadership team will arrive at every chorus function on-time, organized and ready to go.
  11. The chorus leadership team will carefully weigh the rewards I benefits of each potential performance before committing the chorus to the performance.

NOTE: Ground rules may be added, deleted or modified as agreed on by the entire membership.


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